• for all seasons
  • customised
  • no planning permission
  • with equipment
  • in 2 months




  • Length: 6.65 m (21.82 ft.)
  • Width: 3.00 m (9.84 ft.)
  • Height: 2.92 m (9.58 ft.)


  • Floor space: 20 m2 (215 ft2)
  • Office Space: 13.25 m2 (142 ft2)

technical spec:

Windows: 3

Aluminium, double glazing.

Timber frame

Spruce KVH 100 x 40, insulation 100 mm (rockwool), OSB 8 mm, covered with steam and windproof film. Optional: Poliuretane insulation foam.


IPE160, KVH spruce 120 x 60 mm, OSB 22 mm, insulation 120 mm, steam and windproof film, all flooring panels 10 mm compatible with AC5

Outside elevation

Made out of Siberian larch, wood protection Benjamin MOORE, all corners aluminium. Optional: Thermowood, Canadian cedar.


EPDM roofing, insulation 100 mm, spruce KVH 100 x 40, OSB 18 mm, steam and windproof film. Optional: Guttering.


Electrics and plumbing included. Toilet, sink, 50L water tank, fully equipped kitchen including gas cooker, fridge and hood. 1x electric radiators. LED lights. Optional: Air conditioner, Floor heating, biolan dry toilet.





Standard 20 is an easy option to make your dream of home office come through without sacrificing any space within your actual house space. It is an easy to assemble, portable cabin which makes for simply divine choice for you and your company when it comes to home office. It doesn’t matter whether it is just you or you and some of your employees as with 20 m2 (just over 215 ft2) makes it a large enough office space to fit in for up to 4 desks.

Large office space of 13.25 m2 (142 ft2) with a fabulous integrated kitchen and bathroom will make you feel comfortable and ensure that your business venture comes as a rightful success. Put your own stamp on it. It does not have to be your usual boring office interior either.


  • Home Office – Designed to fit for up to 4 desk spaces to enable you to take your business off the ground without having to fork out a lot of essential capital on premium rents.
  • Work Place – Working from home few days a week? Freelance? This space will allow you to take your work load away from your home but also enable you to be a stone throw away and save you some substantial sums on renting a high street office.
  • Extra Rental Income – whether you fancy a full time lodger or a holiday/ weekend let, this large studio could make some extra income for you. Just imagine, folding up that desk on a Friday afternoon and preparing for your self-catering weekend guests to arrive and charge them as per going Air B&B rates?
  • Extra Room – ever thought of getting all your friends round for a Friday or Saturday dinner? Maybe you have always dreamed of having your entire family round for Sunday lunch? But that dining room of yours can only fit 6 people? Look no further. Close your Home Office on a Friday night and start the weekend fuelled with family, friends and laughter? Maybe even have few sofa beds ready in case your friends fancy that extra glass of wine? Just don’t forget to reopen again on a Monday morning.


  • Comfortable and practical at the same time. Who would have thought that would be the case?
  • Portable. Moving the house? Your home office can move with you.
  • Best of all… No planning permission required!
  • Add all of these together and the value for money is a no-brainer.


  • Rain Cover
  • IPN Metal Construction
  • Insulation 80 mm/ 3.15 in
  • Vapour Barrier/ Vapour Retarder (VDR) 18mm/0.71in
  • AC5 Laminate Flooring
  • Outside Walls
  • Siberian Larch (Larix Saibirica)
  • Vapour Barrier/ Vapour Retarder (VDR) foil
  • Rain Cover Foil

Optional Upgrades:

  • Thermowood Roofing
  • Metal Roof Tiles or Membrane Roof Covering
  • Insulation 150 mm/5.9 in
  • Power Supply and Plumbing, full and comprehensive electrical and plumbing systems as per current legislation.







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